The Arts & Craft Vendor Shall:

1.     Pay a fee of $25 to be paid to CASF-V at the time of application.  

2.     Understand that CASF-V will supply one (1) table and two (2) chairs, and other necded items where possible. The vendor will supply all other items.

3.    Understand that s/he is responsible for the collection of allsales tax. 

4.     Bring all needed display props.

5.    Understand that if for any cause it becomes impossible, including inclement weather, to have the event, this agreement is terminated and will waive any and all damages.

6.     Understand that CASF-V, town of Fuquay-Varina or other entity is not responsible for damages arising out of an injury or loss, including my employees or goods, from any cause whatsoever, while operating under this agreement. 

7.     Understand that CASF-V will provide no insurance for the vendor-that the vendor will purchase his or her own and therefore relieves CASF-V of any responsibility in connection with the safekeeping of the property while at the event.

8.     Submit a completed publicity information sheet, and a photograph of self and work. (Photos can be e-mailed to  Agree to permit photographs of their work to be used for the purposes of promoting and advertising the event.  All submissions remain the property of CASF-V.

9.     Adhere to setup start time of 8:00 a.m. and to be completed by 9:45 am. Understand that no shows will forfeit space and any fees paid 

10.  Understand that cleanup is from close of event until one (1) hour later. 

11.  Understand that CASF-V will determine the eligibility of all products and services, and therefore, reserves the right to deny sale of items that have not been listed on the application.  CASF-Vā€™s decision shall be final and binding. No music or loud sounds are okay without prior approval. 

12.  Agree to maintain dignity and integrity of the Festival and will not perform any acts of a harmful nature.   CASF-V reserves the right to ask any vendor or its employees to leave the festival who they feel are not acting in the best interest of the festival.  Vendors will adhere to the space assigned and be a good neighbor. 

13.  Not share space without approval of CASF-V. Exhibits must be open and staffed during all event hours.  Interior signs are limited to 8 ft. or less.

14. Smoking, burning of candles, incense or other materials is prohibited. Any smoking outside must be 25 feet away from any doorway or ventilation unit.  

15. Understand that CASF-V has the option to cancel the event up to 30 days prior to its effective date and will return space fees to the vendors