Romie Burt, Jr. a local resident is the founder of The Cultural Arts Society of Fuquay-Varina, Inc. Mr. Burt and Mayor John Byrne traveled to Dunn, NC in 2003 to attend a Black History event. It was on the ride home that the idea of a committee to honor Dr. King here in Fuquay was born.

True to its purpose over the years we have worked toward appreciating diversity and the different cultures in the town.

In 2004 we received 501 (c)(3) status. Since 2004, the committee has organized MLK Celebrations each year with themes ranging from history to current events to personal responsibility. The early years also saw the committee hosting Diversity Festivals. Project financing has been the result of donations from local merchants, organization members, banks and churches in the form of cash, food stuff, and transportation.

As a working board, we continue to seek members who have an interest and a willingness to commit to the purpose and goals of the organization. After a long hiatus, the cultural festival is making a comeback in 2019.